Well Hi…

Hello.. Its been an awful while… The course I previously mentioned is over and I’m entering a whole new chapter in ma lyf. In fact I think I’ve changed rather a lot in that time, so to help me enter back into blogville.. here are some Q’s I have A’d


  1. Honestly, probably my mum, she instinctively grabs my hand whenever we cross a road.. she’ll still do it when I’m 40, I’m sure
  2. Outgoing… I do have shy moments, usually with my friends parents at first because I was them to like me.
  3. My best friend once she’s home from Uni forever! only around 4 weeks to go!!!
  4. I’d like to think so, I’m a very open person
  5. Nope. It takes me a while to finally be done but when I am theres no turning back.
  6. My Boyfriend, He’s good at that stuff.
  7. I hope so!
  8. My Boyf
  9. Well it depends who with… but generally not.
  10. My singing teacher!
  11. ‘at work xxx’ to my mum… she worries
  12. I’m 100% pro choice… but don’t get me started on that.
  13. Yeah, generally I do, unless its SUPER crowded or hot, because I’ll then get claustrophobic.
  14. yes, but I do think you also make your own luck to some extent.
  15. I got onto a foundation acting course
  16. yes
  17. yes, the universe is infinite… its impossible for us to be the only ones. There are only a certain number of cell combinations yet, the universe goes on forever, so theoretically, there is another me somewhere in the universe but she’s married to Benedict Cumberbatch.
  18. Nope
  19. Who doesn’t like bubble baths?
  20. We haven’t long moved, so we don’t really know them.. they seem cool though.
  21. biting my nails, being bossy, saying like… I have so many
  22. New York, New Zeland, Amsterdam and I’d like to tour around Italy.. but thats just some of my list.
  23. No, I’m a very trusting person.
  24. Going to bed and watching tv, only after a productive day though.
  25. My tummy.. its squidgy no matter how much i try to unsquidge it.
  26. Check my phone
  27. More tanned 100%, I’m as pale as the moon.
  28. My family, my boyfriend and my best friend.
  29. I don’t have any ex’s sooooo…
  30. Yes I would eventually like to
  31. yes! Its so long it annoys me
  32. hmmm… Jude Law… and Tom Hardy… original.
  33. hgkkkyh
  34. HAH no.
  35. without music… I think… yeah.
  36. Oh loads of times
  37. yeah… its funny
  38. umm.. I think so yeah… but more of the mental age side.. So you could have a 20 y/o with a 30 y/o but if they’re both mentally around 25 then great.
  39. H&M
  40. I’ve gone already! I want to be an actress
  41. depends what they did with their first chance
  42. I’m upset or tired
  43. Yep
  44. Outer space!
  45. Yas! I couldn’t live alone.
  46. My future
  47. That nobody apart from my parents would ever love me
  48. That I’m beautiful, kind and witty… this was after I told them someone had said the above.
  49. hmmm… maybe
  50. Italian

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