Personal Statement

I’m currently sat in the Starbucks at Waterloo, trying to write a personal statement. Im exhausted, I dropped a 10 year student off at my own dream job this morning, and I’m pretty sure I’m getting a cold.

This is the 4th year I’ve written a personal statement, its horrible. Trying to big yourself up, without sounding too wanky, but also not selling yourself short. Trying to fit everything you need to say in a certain number of words, without boring whoever is reading it… If anyone actually does.

I want to talk about the first time I set foot on a stage, or the time that guy from the National Theatre complimented my performance, or the time I made my tutor cry, or the time I cried when I got onto a foundation course. But I can’t do that without sounding VERY big headed. And what about all the times I was really shit at what I do?! Because there have been more of those times than good times. And everyone keeps telling me to be honest?!

Its really warm in here and Its making me super sleepy… the Italian woman next to me is crying to her friend.. this probably isn’t the right environment… but I don’t have any other time. I dropped a 10 year old off at the stage door of a West End show today because he has a double show day… Literally my dream job. Oh, and I still have college yet, I’m not going to get home until 11:30… And Trump is president. GREAT DAY.

Holly x


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